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Joy L 

Fort Lauderdale, FL                                     

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Bubbles!  Bubbles! So much fun.  

I've been to St. Augustine many times, and have passed by Bath Junkie and for some reason or another never went in.  On my most recent visit, there was a ton of construction on the streets, and we found ourselves right in front on Bath Junkie- it was sweltering hot outside- so we were extremely elated that Bath Junkie was cool and inviting.  The sales staff were playing with a bubble machine when I walked in, and my 1 year old instantly went from hot and irritated to playful and laughing.  This obviously made my shopping experience much more enjoyable.  There were also a couple of items that the baby was interested in namely the assorted bath duckies.  

The store is beautifully designed inside with all products neatly ordered and easily accessed.   The packaging is very neat and says "Bath Junkie" clearly labeled. It also smells amazing and clean.  

Time being of the essence (you never know how much time you have before a baby starts to get upset again) - I had never been inside before, and the staff eagerly explained how everything works- and that they would assist me as soon as I was ready.  I chose a scent (cupcake) and, color (pink), and product, body wash.  The sales person quickly filled the bottle and asked me if the scent was powerful enough and if I was happy with the color.  I really enjoyed being able to choose everything myself.    

Definitely will come back to this store on my next visit.


Lady D       

  • Tallahassee, FL            
  • I go here everytime I go to St Augustine. You choose your scents or mix your own. Choose your color and you have the perfect body lotions, shampoos, soaps and massage oils. What a FuN


    Wonderful Scents and Service
    Dee H                                                                                                                             
    I stopped in on Monday afternoon around 2 or 3 to get a salt scrub and the service was just wonderful. The young lady working was so helpful and attentive as I was picking my scents! The salt scrubs are worth the price, they seemingly last forever. I will definitely be making a return trip to Bath Junkie, especially with the wonderful service I received. 
    I love this store! I was in a few years ago and made a scent I LOVED but I could not remember it. So I went in this weekend to see if I could find it again. The girl was so helpful and sat with me for almost 30 minutes while we tried different scents. She even pulled out a giant book of scent combinations to see if we could find it in there. And we finally found it! I an so so THRILLED. THANK YOU! I'll be back!  
    Bath Junkie
    This is a wonderful little store in St. Augustine Florida. It is situated downtown and is full of delicious bath and body proudcts. Mostly they are unscented and the idea is that you pick your product - for example a body lotion - and you can choose to purchase it in this unscented manner or (and this is the fun bit!!) choose to have it frangranced from a huge selection of fragrance oils instore. This is a really fun store and great for buying gifts!