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rains & musks

  • African Rain: The powerful aroma of a tropical rainforest & lush floral drenched in warm rain.

  • Breeze

  • Egyptian Musk: A clean, light musk with a hint of mystery.
  • Forest Rain
  • Fresh: The sweet, simple and old fashioned floral, sweet pea, meets the tart, tangy and modern citrus. They go on a date and let’s just say they get “fresh.”

  • Fresh Air: Breathe in and breathe out! This fresh ozonic scent is comprised of citrus, and green top notes. Clouds of watery lily, azalea and a clean uncomplicated musk roll by. Nothing like the great outdoors!

  • Hawaiian Rain: Imagine a soft and sweet combination of light rain, tropical heat and the smell of exotic florals filling the air. Mixed in with these heady ingredients are vibrant green notes and deep, warm woods.

  • Jamaican Rain

  • Masculine Musk

  • Midnight Rain

  • Morning Mist: This wonderfully exotic, light, clean scent is comprised of sparkly green notes surrounded by watery azalea, lily and lilac with a jasmine and rose heart and a soft woody musk to boot.

  • Ocean Rain: The clean scent of rain on the seashore. A mild aroma that offers the introduction to the rain family.

  • Oceania: Aahh…Fresh, ocean air with a whiff of salty air and floral top notes. Very strong and clean

  • Oriental

  • Rain:  A simple blend of green floral, dewy rose, jasmine, lily and lilac with a good dose of fresh musk.

  • Sheer Musk

  • Sunshower

  • Sweet Rain: Sweet…rain! If you love rain and florals; this is the scent for you. A divine combination of clean rain notes and light florals. Crisp, clean and VERY feminine. Go ahead, girlie, give it a try.

  • Tibetan Musk: Rich, dark and mysterious best describes this earthy, deep musk.

  • Waves

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